2022년 10월 26일

Korea World 2022 Patch 2.01.12 version has been updated.

Hello, this is Korea World.

Version 2.01.12 has been updated today.

Please refer to this and reinstall the existing file after deleting it.

In addition, the patch history is as follows:

1. Update tutorial UI.

The tutorial window was updated at 6 p.m. on October 26. If you connect to KW2022 and complete all settings such as nickname and character settings, the tutorial window will welcome you to help you use it.

2. Update Guide NPC.

Finally, the guide NPC to welcome you to KW2022 has been updated! A guide NPC wearing a pretty hanbok will help you use KW2022 a lot. You won't be lonely now that a new friend has been added.

KW2022 will always work harder.

Thank you.