2022년 10월 21일

Korea World 2022 Patch 2.01.08 version has been updated.

Hello, this is Korea World.

Korea World 2022 2.01.08 version has been updated.

Patch details are as follows:

1. Update NPC Region Extensions

KOREAWORLD NPC was further updated at 6 p.m. on October 20. In addition to the K World Center, new virtual friends moved into the K World influencer and Talk Talk Korea Hall to expand the expansion area. While playing, it was once a desolate and quiet village where no one existed, but now it is made into a village where many new friends gather and work, and in particular, Dangun Wanggeom will move in, giving great benefits to the village.

2. Modify NPC in K-World Center

There was a part where the virtual character (NPC), which was deployed to the K World Center and took measures such as various personnel and conversations, did not work. This issue has been updated by detecting this phenomenon and correcting the problem of not moving. In addition, the movement of the NPC placed in the K- influencer and Talk Talk Korea Hall was carefully tested to ensure that there was no abnormality in the movement and updated to an active virtual character.

3. Test confirmation for updating and maintaining new content

To provide a pleasant play experience for all users of KOREA WORLD 2022, we are committed to providing a pleasant and clean experience, especially pre-update testing and functional verification for new content applications.

KOREAWORLD will always do its best.

Thank You.