2022년 10월 20일

Korea World 2022 Patch 2.01.07 version has been updated.

Hello, this is Korea World.

The Korea World 2.01.07 version has been updated, and the patch details are as follows.

1. Update the selection of nationality for login & membership registration

At 6 p.m. on October 19, the nationality selection function has been updated to allow users to select nationalities when logging in and signing up for membership to better identify their nationality more accurately. Users can select their nationality along with their nickname when signing up and reveal their nickname and nationality when entering the virtual world.

2. Update the nationality selection mark on the character nickname

The nickname nationality display function, which allows users to easily identify their country of origin and freely reveal their nationality identity, will be updated at 6 p.m. on October 20. With this function, you can meet users from the same country and make friends using chat communication, or meet users of different nationalities in the virtual world to continue free communication through chat.

3. Detailed test checks and always updates to apply and reflect new content systems

We frequently check tests to ensure that all users entering the Korea World 2022 world do not experience any inconvenience while using it, and we are always conducting content tests and updating new content systems to minimize difficulties and create a fun play environment without breaking the play rhythm.

Thank You.