2022년 10월 17일

Korea World 2022 2.01.04 version has been updated.

Hello, this is Korea World.

Korea World 2.01.04 version has been released. Please refer to this and delete the old version, download it from the site, and reinstall it.

In addition, the patch history is as follows:

1. Update new version installation warning window

If you run the old version of Korea World on October 17, 'Korea World 2022 has been updated.

Please update to the latest version.' warning window will appear. Therefore, you can download the new version from the homepage, install it, and run it again.

2. Login & Sign Up UI, nationality selection update scheduled

The login & Sign Up window will be renewed, and you can set it up by entering your desired nickname or choose your nationality in the future.

3. Fix the bug so that there is no difficulty in using the content

We are always checking improvements and fixing bugs for fun and clean content play so that there are no difficulties while using the content.

Thank You.