2022년 11월 11일

✨Korea World Metaverse Screenshot Event✨

Korea World Metaverse is back and better than ever.

It is full of places where you can experience Korean culture, such as Sam Village, K-Influencer Hall, TalkTalkKorea Hall, and Honorary Reporters hall.

Create your own avatar and enjoy with your friends.

⚜ Event Period: 2022.11.08(TUE)-11. 21(MON)

⚜ How to participate

<Step1> Enter the Korea World, explore as much as you want and take a fun screenshot.

🌐 https://www.koreaworld.co.kr

<Step2> Upload the screenshot to your personal social media account with the hashtags: #KOREAWORLD #KOCIS #METAVERSE

<Step3> Leave a completion comment on the event post and you’re all set!

⚜ Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card (20 people)

🧐How to access Korea World

1️⃣Go to the official Korea World website at 🌏https://www.koreaworld.co.kr/.

2️⃣Download Korea World Metaverse *Only for Windows

3️⃣Go and explore Korea World by running the Korea World metaverse file.

Thank You.